Welcome dear VW friends!

Are you looking for your perfect VW T1 Bus or T1 Camper?
You are on the right track!

You have found what you are looking for and you are one step closer to achieving your dream!

We make every bulli dream come true, according to german standards backed up with a german mindset.

We are german operating from Brazil, specialized in export of original restored VW Bulli vintage cars from our garage in Brazil. We deliver internationally. We have customers from EU for instance Germany, Switzerland and all over the world.

We don’t make false promises we stick to our word!

All vehicles are restored with the highest quality of 100%, we can offer all versions and models, whether with folding sunroof, safari windows, or samba original or even a special year of construction.

There are no limitations to your car!

In the restoration process we keep you with up-to-date pictures of your bulli. Transparency towards our customers is highly indespensable to us in order to make the waiting process for your bulli as smooth and quick as possible!

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The time for the restoration takes about 8 to 12 weeks and shipping about 4 weeks.
We are a professional expert team so we guarantee that the waiting process is as short as possible!

We work very closely together with an experienced international forwarding company, which picks up the bus in our garage and takes care of the documents and shipping to the port of destination!

Do not dream your life, live your dream!

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Our bulli team is available to help and advice you!
We will find the perfect solution for every customer!